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Learning is a life-long process and educational institutions contribute much in this process. I am happy that Christ the King Public School founded in 2011 which is a unit of the Archdiocesan Board of Education is progressing well in providing quality academic education, imbibing moral values and instilling in children an attitude of love and reverence for one's own life, and the lives of others. 

It is also encouraging to note that the school instils sportsmanship in every student through various on-field and indoor games. Knowledge and experience imparted in educational institutions, both academic and non-academic always pays rich dividends, as Benjamin Franklin put it 'An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest'.

I wish the staff and students of Christ the King Public School continued success and cordially impart my blessings upon the Institution. 


Most Rev. Dr Peter Machado

Archbishop of Bangalore


Every institution, including schools, has its own ethos. Ethos is a fashionable, but nebulous term that defines the philosophy, culture and environment of an organization. Ethos is the organizational culture, one that gives credibility, trustworthiness, reputation to that particular organization. School is an organization, and ethos is the tone or style of functioning of that particular organization. It is the compilation of unwritten rules of a school. In a school, when the Principal says- ‘We don’t do things that way here’ -he reveals the ethos of that school. Ethos reveals values, order and aims of the school. Aims inspire attitudes. Attitudes issue in, and are exemplified by procedures. Ethos is ‘Something More’, and the singularity of an institution. Hence a school’s ethos emerges from interactions and is experienced by all the staff, the students and the visitors to that school.  Ethos is the natural outcome of what is actually happening within the school. All the students and the staff need to imbibe the ethos of the institution and should be made to actualize that ethos in the classroom. 

I am sure that the students and the staff members of Christ the King School have imbibed their ethos of this prominent institution. I wish them all the best.


Fr Prashant Madtha S.J.

Secretary & Treasurer - ABE

Our Philosophy

Preparing and inspiring students to lead meaningful lives, rooted in the teachings of Christ such that students discover and develop their God-given talents and grow in Wisdom, Strength and Knowledge.

Our History

Christ the King Public School was inaugurated in the year 2011. Currently, it is affiliated to the CISCE, India's most premier Education Institutes. 

The affiliation code of our school is KA390.

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