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Student Enhancement Programme

SEP Student Enhancement Programme


The Student Enhancement Programme at Christ the King Public School is designed to enhance life skills, social skills, personality and leadership development, relationship building, grit, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  The focus is on enhancing self-awareness, social-awareness, self-esteem through activities, debates, elocution, student-led conferences, and Clubs, etc.


The School provides a programme of instruction for the development of the whole individual through a variety of learning activities, like leadership, self-management, integrity, responsibility, collaboration and communication skills. This is done by emphasizing the relationship between the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of the students.

Student Enhancement Programme



Life Skills Training

Communication Skills

Body Language and Compering

Presentation Skills

Time Management

Stress Management

Leadership Skills

Analytical Skill Development

Conflict Resolution


Emotional Management

Student Counselling Services

Career Guidance

Spoken English/Elocution/Phonetics

Human Value Development

NCC – NSS Sevadal

Scout and Guides

Child Counseling
School Girl
Drawing Time
Chemistry Lab
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